Why should I recruit internationally and what’s involved?

Why do we need to recruit internationally?

  • Rise in Demand – There is an increasing need and rise in demand for healthcare professionals as a result of an aging population, an aging workforce, and an increased focus on the quality of care.
  • Vacancy Rates Soaring – NICE recommends a maximum vacancy rate of 5% nationally. Currently, the vacancy rate is almost double this with one in nine nursing posts lying vacant. In some hospitals that goes up to one in three. There is a shortage of approximately 40,000 nurses in the UK alone.
  • Brexit – An uncertain political environment means the supply of nurses and midwives from the EU dropped by a third last year. In some areas, we need to look further afield to find the specialist skills we need.
Benefits of recruiting permanent internationally
  • Save Money – Reduce agency costs and reinvest that money in other services
  • Provide Better Patient Care – Temporary staff do not provide the care consists of a permanent employee
  • Improve Staff Retention – Non-European Economic Area recruits tend to complete a minimum 3-year contract
  • Fill Your Skills Gaps – Create a sustainable workforce that provides the clinical capabilities you need long-term
Why partner with My Healthcare Recruit?
  • Access a wider talent pool – In a highly competitive employment environment, video profiling can extend your global reach quicker and faster than your competitors
  • Hiring Advantage – Gain early bird visibility of qualified candidates due to our exclusive ‘access to talent’ arrangements with agents
  • Affordable – In addition to savings on your travel and time costs, our goal is that you will be financially better off (than hiring an agency locum) after only 16 weeks
  • Convenient – My Healthcare Recruit reduces the time taken to organize interviews because you can review Video CVs on your own time, and use our scheduling tool to streamline your communications with candidates
  • Enhance the candidate experience – Our rich, branded experience leaves candidates feeling positive about their interaction with you
  • Dynamic screening – Feel more confident in your screening process when you can assess candidate language and communication skills
  • Hire Easier – We do all the sourcing, vetting, profiling, and scheduling – so you don’t have to
  • Reduce Risk – We make sure that our hiring processes are consistent, compliant, and fair for all candidates