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is a health professional trained to help you manage your care. They are often registered nurses. They may work for a doctor’s office, hospital, Accountable Care Organization, or insurance company.


If you have a chronic condition, such as diabetes, that puts you at risk for serious health problems, you may work with a care coordinator. This person will help: Coordinate insurance coverage.Connect you with other health care providers and make sure each provider is aware of your care plans.


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Doctors Care

It made me remember how, when I was going through cancer treatment, I assigned magical superpowers to every member of my medical team. I was facing the biggest uncertainty of my life: a life-threatening illness. So I built up the intelligence and skill of the nurses, the oncologist, the radiologist, the radiation oncologist, the nurses, even the phlebotomist who drew my blood before each chemo infusion. In the most terrifying moments of treatment, I told myself, “Thank goodness I have these superheroes looking after me!” At the time, I was so consumed by my own drama and fear that I didn’t think about whether all these medical professionals felt my outpouring of faith in them. If most of healthcare workers are like the surgeon whose book I just read (and I suspect most of them are), then they do feel it. Deeply. Daily.