Health Benefits Of A Home Bacteria Water Filter

There are an estimated 2000-plus toxins in the water often passed off as safe for drinking. Therefore, you cannot trust the water coming through your tap. Sure, you will be told that it has been treated and that it is free of all dangerous pathogens. But drinking this water as it is will be a huge health risk on your part.

That is because, while you might not immediately experience any health effects, it is just a matter of time before you come down with something after you or your family come into contact with disease-causing viruses or bacteria in such water.

This leaves you with only one option – treating all the water you drink in your home yourself. And don’t think that bottled water is the way out either – these companies operate under less safety regulations than local authorities, which means their water can even be less safer. Therefore, there are a lot of reasons to use a bacteria water filter in your home.

Benefits of a Bacteria Water Filter

1. Safeguards your Health

There is a long laundry list of water-borne diseases that can be contracted through unsafe drinking water, some of which are deadly. Therefore, taking water that has been contaminated in one way or another puts you at risk of experiencing any of these diseases.

To ensure that you do not succumb to any such illnesses, you should drink water that has passed through a bacteria filter. Chlorine in water has been connected to colon, rectal, and bladder cancer. In fact, filtering water can result in a 33% decrease in risk of gastrointestinal diseases.

2. Saves Money

Granted, it is possible to survive on bottled water. Never mind that it is a less reliable alternative to treating the water yourself using a bacteria filter. But, while bottled water might seem more convenient, it is also more expensive.

Additionally, it is bad for the environment since the plastic bottles used to package it end up in landfills. This drinking water source is a therefore a terrible option considering that you don’t even have a guarantee that the water will be absolutely safe for drinking.

3. Better Smell

Bacteria can smell. Therefore, when you pass your water through a bacteria filter, you can remove the bacteria that would give it an unpleasant odor and make it smell fresher and better. The chlorine that is present in the water also causes it to smell, and the bacteria filters can also reduce its concentration and improve the water’s smell.

4. Improved Taste

The taste of chlorine in water is not especially charming. Bacteria can also make the water taste a little different. And since a bacteria filter can deal with both of these issues, it is a good option if you want to reduce the bad taste in the water that comes through your taps.

Boiling water is also a great way to make it safe for drinking. But likewise, it destroys the taste of the water. That makes filtering the water the better option if you care about how your drinking water tastes.

5. Reduced Chances of Recontamination

The biggest issue with tap water is not that the water is not properly treated before it is supplied to people. The problem is that before it gets to you, there are endless opportunities for contamination, including odds of getting mixed up with raw sewage and dangerous chemicals. But with a water filter in your own home, the water is treated and drank before it gets too contaminated, and this makes it safer for drinking in comparison.

6. Saves on Soap

Filtered water is soft, and therefore requires less soap. So, if you are filtering water that you can also use to wash your utensils and other things around the kitchen, then you will end up using less soap due to the reduction in the contaminants in the water. As you probably know, using less soap means making cost savings. This is also better for the environment since soap tends to be non-biodegradable.


There are many upsides to getting a system similar to the AquaOx bacteria water filter for your home. For one thing, this system ensures that all the water consumed in your household is actually safe for drinking. You are never sure of this when using bottled water, or even treated water from the local water supply company. Additionally, this water will smell and taste better, and cost you less while also ensuring that you keep the environment safer.